SG debates should be more accessible to students

If USF’s Student Government wants a higher voter turnout in future SG elections, then it’s time for presidential candidates to hold debates during the daytime outside the Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

Candidates should not be holding debates inside residence halls and on the second floor of the Marshall Center at 7 p.m. Candidates and debate organizers need to realize most attendees aren’t going because they read about a debate in the Oracle. Most attendees are SG leaders and members of other student organizations.

Debates need to be made accessible to the entire student body.

If candidates really want to reach out to students, then they need to be arguing against tuition and parking fee increases outside during the day for all to see and hear.

Students unfamiliar with SG’s existence should be allowed an opportunity to stumble upon a full-fledged debate while walking to class just like students at the University of Florida.

According to Bridget Carey, the Managing Editor of the Independent Florida Alligator, UF candidates typically hold one or two debates outside J. Wayne Reitz Union.

This year’s debate, sponsored by the Black Student Union, was held inside with approximately 60 attendants, most of whom were campaigners and SG members.

In the past two weeks, SG has held two events outside where a debate could have sparked some real interest. Instead, candidates were busy bombarding random students with informational cards and brief salutations when they should have discussed student issues.

Where are the SG candidates, and why won’t they let their voices be heard?

Candidates: Step outside, grab a microphone and let your constituents know where you stand.