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Men and women have dominant showings

After both programs lost tough meets against the Florida Gators on Feb. 12, the men’s and women’s tennis teams dominated their matches Sunday.

The women’s team improved its overall record to 3-1 with a 6-0 sweep of Florida Atlantic, and the men’s team earned its first victory of the season by defeating Georgia State 5-2.

“We expected some tough competition, but we are very confident in our girls and will do some damage throughout the year,” women’s coach Augustin Moreno said. “As long as we stay healthy, we should have a pretty good season.”

Senior Louisa Obando earned her first victory of the season after sitting out seven months with a back injury.

“It’s always hard to come back and play a game after sitting out for so long. I was nervous at my match point: I lost my first one but, thanks to my coaching I was able to recover,” Obando said.

Dirk Britzen led the men’s team earning wins in doubles, pairing with Federico Barton, and in singles, defeating Georgia State’s Martin Stiegwardt in a three-set singles match. Mark Jager and Juan Barragan also won their singles matches for the Bulls.

“I was impressed with the team effort, especially being able to close out three of the four three-set matches – that shows a lot of character there, ” men’s coach Don Barr said. “We were able to stay in the game and battle.”