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The president’s valentine

Raise your hand if you know who Steve Greenbaum is.


Here’s a hint: You’re probably familiar with his valentine, who doesn’t carry the same last name. If you guessed USF President Judy Genshaft’s husband, you’re right.

Greenbaum and Genshaft have been happily married for nearly 17 years.

They first met at a community mixer in Ohio, where they both lived at the time, and ended up paired together at a game for an icebreaker.

“I obviously liked what I learned about her because we were engaged in less than a year,” Greenbaum said.

In that year, Greenbaum said Genshaft already knew where she wanted to be.

“Even then, she knew she wanted to be a university president,” Greenbaum said.

A year may seem fast to some, but Genshaft disagrees.

“After years of dating other people, when we found each other we both thought one year was a long time,” Genshaft said.

While many students may know little about Genshaft’s personal life, they probably know even less about her valentine.

Greenbaum works in marketing research dealing with things such as questionnaires, surveys and focus groups.

While Genshaft is running USF, Greenbaum, in addition to his job, does the little things around the house for their two sons aged 12 and 9.

“I am the one who gets them up in the morning, gets them breakfast and off to school,” Greenbaum said.

He is also responsible for keeping their extracurricular schedule running smoothly.

“I also take them to guitar, tennis, tae-kwan-do and basketball,” Greenbaum said.

He added that since Genshaft is busy several nights a week, he usually makes dinner for the kids. After dinner comes the homework help.

“I’m better at third-grade math than seventh-grade geography,” Greenbaum said.

Greenbaum is a regular player at the Campus Recreation Center racquetball courts.

College of Business Administration professor Alan Balfour regularly plays racquetball around the same time as Greenbaum. He said Greenbaum is actually a very good racquetball player and might even be able to compete at the professional level.

Balfour got a chance to play against his boss’s husband earlier this semester, and it did not end so well. Balfour accidentally hit Greenbaum in the face with a hard racquetball, sending pieces of his safety goggles flying.

“I couldn’t have hit the ball any harder, and I was not two full paces away from him,” Balfour said. “I’ve been playing racquetball for 40 years and I have never hit anybody so hard in my life – and I hit the president’s husband.”

Balfour said that Greenbaum handled the incident with grace and sportsmanship.

He also added that Greenbaum was back on the court days later, even with his injuries.

When on campus and not playing racquetball, Greenbaum attends high-profile events with Genshaft, such as the recent Desmond Tutu lecture.

“USF really is the focal point of our life,” Greenbaum said.

They especially enjoy catching USF sporting events.

The couple has established an athletics memorial fund in honor of Greenbaum’s late father, who also loved watching USF sports.

“He so much enjoyed watching USF football and basketball games,” Greenbaum said.Greenbaum said the couple likes to take in a quick dinner and a movie or go for a bike ride on the rare occasion that Genshaft’s schedule permits.

According to Genshaft, their plans for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year don’t include USF, though. The couple plans to spend some time as a family with their two children.

As far as past Valentine’s Days with Genshaft, Greenbaum said their first one together was the most memorable.

“That’s the day we got our marriage license,” Greenbaum said. “We didn’t know that for that day only, the marriage license fee was waived.