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Senate may revisit concert money vote

The Student Government senate may vote again tonight on whether to allocate $30,000 toward a concert being organized by the Greek Week Committee. The allocation was originally voted down Jan. 24 by a vote of 17 nays, 16 yeas and 3 abstentions.

Logistics and planning were major concerns during last week’s debate, but the issue of the “Greekness” of the concert was what consistently came to the forefront on the senate floor.

SG senate President Pro Tempore Jeremiah Pederson said he plans to motion for a vote of reconsideration at tonight’s meeting. If two-thirds of the senate approves his motion, the allocation would then be debated on the senate floor and voted on again.

Pederson voted against allocating the money last week, but said that new information has led him to believe that the Greek Week Committee should receive the money for the concert they are organizing.

“My main contentions with the issue were that it was not properly logistically sound,” Pederson said. “After talking with (members of the Greek Week Committee) I realized that there was a lot of thought put into the logistics and they do have their act together; just they didn’t portray it very well at all.”

Greek Week Executive Director Adria LaCava was unable to be reached for comment.The idea of re-voting on the issue has not been welcomed by all senators.

College of Arts and Sciences senator Randy Holm referred to the idea of a re-vote as “disturbing” in an e-mail addressed to senators.

“The outcome of a vote should be the end of an issue,” Holm wrote.

The concert would be free to all USF students, but many senators contended that it was a concert for Greeks and referred to it as a “Greek event” throughout the debate on Jan. 24.

The $30,000 would come from Activity and Service fees, which are paid by all students as part of their tuition. A&S fees are prohibited from being distributed directly to organizations that charge dues, including Greek organizations. The allocation does not fit into that category because the money would only go toward the concert, which would be open to all students.

The funds would go toward booking a nationally recognized band for the concert, which would be held on March 22, the Wednesday of Greek Week.