SG to decide on $30,000 concert allocation

The Student Government senate will vote tonight on the allocation of $30,000 for a concert being organized by the Greek Week Committee.

The $30,000 would come from SG interim funds. There is slightly more than $70,000 in interim funds left; at the start of the school year, that amount was $265,000.

Interim funds are made up of money from Activity and Service fees paid by all students as part of their tuition, which has led to some concerns.

A&S monies are prohibited from going toward organizations that charge dues and are thus by nature “restrictive.” Since Greek organizations charge dues, they are ineligible to receive A&S monies.

This request of funds technically does not fit into that category though, because the money is being channeled through the executive branch. The executive branch is requesting the funds, which, if allocated, would then go toward the concert.

“It would be spent directly out of the executive branch as a co-sponsorship with the Greek Week Committee,” SG Business Manager David Armstrong said. “We’re not allowed to put A&S funds toward (Greek organizations), but Student Government is allowed to sponsor an activity with anybody on campus, restrictive or not restrictive, as long as the activity itself isn’t restrictive.”

According to Greek Week Executive Director Adria LaCava, the event will be open and completely free to all students and is intended to increase participation in a University Community Center service project. Part of Greek Week is collecting canned goods and school supplies to donate to the UCC, and the service project will be promoted through the concert. There will also be drop-off stations at the concert.

“We’re just looking to have a large service project for the University Community Center and get a lot of students involved and get a lot of organizations on campus involved,” LaCava said.Some senators do not see the concert as a truly campus-wide event.

“The way I look at it, it’s obviously a Greek event,” senator Randy Holm said.Holm also had problems with the large amount of money requested.

“If we end up funding the $30,000 for (the concert) it basically sets us behind,” Holm said. “It just seems like it’s being fiscally irresponsible.”

The concert is scheduled for March 22, the Wednesday of Greek Week, and it is tentatively set to be in Greek Village in the northeastern corner of campus.

Greek Week Committee member Jessica Asuncion said that having the concert in the Greek Village would help to unite Greeks and non-Greeks by “bringing everybody to the Greek side of campus.”

The A&S monies from SG would be specifically for booking the headlining band for the concert.

LaCava said the committee is looking at booking one of three major acts for the concert: Less Than Jake, Brand New or Alkaline Trio.

According to Student Affairs Business Director Fairfax Vickers, Student Affairs has pledged up to $3,000 to the concert for sound, light and stage setup as long as the committee uses the services of the Phyllis P. Marshall Center Reservations Office.

The Greek Week Committee is also working on having Campus Activities Board co-sponsor the event, but CAB adviser Cindy Greenwood said there has been no official decision yet as to whether or not CAB will help fund the concert.

LaCava said that Greek Week will be donating between $4,000 and $5,000 to the concert. She also said that 98 Rock, WXTB-FM, has committed to sponsoring the event, but how much the station will donate is yet to be determined.

If the senate does not approve the $30,000, LaCava said that some event would still take place that night, but nothing specific has been planned.