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Julmiste’s inconsistency proves to be fatal to Bulls’ chances

Quarterback Pat Julmiste proved ineffective during the Meineke Car Care Bowl with five sacks, an interception, 8-for-25 passing and 91 yards. Freshman Carlton Hill replaced Julmiste and, after a 37-yard screen pass to Andre Hall, subsequently fumbled on the next play. The defense did get the ball back on the next play, but Hill, in turn, fumbled on the very next play and watched the rest of the game from the sidelines.

After the game in the tunnels of Bank of America Stadium, Julmiste vowed the offense will improve and that he will work hard over the spring and summer or else fans would not see him line up behind the center come September.

“I need to get my junk together,” Julmiste said. “I need to work with the receivers over the summer or you’ll see someone else there next year. I just need to get my junk together.”

Hall, who had his sixth game with at least 100 yards this season, claimed N.C. State had an advantage: Without a passing game to balance out the Bulls’ offense, USF’s gameplan became predictable.

“The defenses, they know what we do, know every move we make,” Hall said.

“They knew our passing game was struggling, so they blitzed, blitzed, blitzed, and we couldn’t get as many points on the board.”