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The ever-impressive Tao of Jim Leavitt

Seven more years.

With his new contract, Bulls’ fans and media alike are guaranteed at least seven more years of the recitations and recollections of a certain USF football coach. He’s not a media darling or the world’s finest quote, but sometimes he lets his guard down and reveals what he is really pondering.

So now without further ado, I – along with a dictionary – present to you the divulger of details, the press conference pontificator, the master of mentionables. He’s the man who epitomizes excellence in elucidating extraneous excerpts: Jim Leavitt. That is to say, it is a collection of classic -albeit, perhaps slightly out of context – Jim Leavitt quotes.

Sometimes Leavitt rants a bit, like in his post-Cincinnati press conference discussing Connecticut weather.

“I told our guys it’s going to be freezing cold, probably snowdrifts. You’ll probably see huskies running all over.”

Or in an Oct. 4 press conference when talking about having an off-week.

“You think on an off week you have some time, but I don’t know where you have it. I went to get a haircut yesterday and there were people waiting. I couldn’t wait, I just came right back. I don’t know when I can get out to do it.”

He may not get out of the video room much, but Leavitt proves that he can relate to the young people by keeping his ear to the music scene.

“I didn’t even know (the hurricane) was called Wilma. First I heard about it. I mean, I heard a song about Wilma on the radio. They were singing about Wilma, but I don’t know anything about that. I’m just focusing on our practice.”

He may be random sometimes, but maybe it’s because at heart, Leavitt is a funny man.

“We have an opportunity to go to a bowl game and play more football, which I am planning on. That’s never happened in the history of South Florida, I don’t believe.”

Or like on Nov. 22, when talking about Amarri Jackson wearing the skunk hat:

“That’s my hat; he’s borrowing it. It’s my hat – some really nice people gave it to me. I don’t know. It probably keeps his head warm.”

Or possibly deep down, there is a tiny philosopher inside Leavitt trying to make his way out one line at a time.

“How fortunate we are to be living and how things can happen to anyone. In some ways, our life is but a vapor. And how we need to really enjoy every moment.”

Or maybe Leavitt loves his job so much he doesn’t have time to think of other things.

“I love this team. I might not mean a whole lot to them, but they mean a whole lot to me.”

But Leavitt’s real gift is clarity, like in a Nov. 15 press conference on the performance of the USF offensive line:

“They have done some pretty good things. It’s a combination of a lot of things. The past few weeks they have done some decent things.”

Seven more years? I guess that’s OK. But maybe we could all use a dictionary.