What Brown can’t do for you

Santa can cross another name off his list. Michael Brown, social pariah of former FEMA renown, has turned his disaster management expertise on his career. Brown has founded a new consulting firm in Colorado that’s going to dispense advice on – you guessed it – emergency management.

Hoping to parlay a $25-billion American tragedy into a $25-million American dream, Brown’s agency aims to answer many of the questions raised during his shameless departure from the public sector.

“I think people are curious: ‘My gosh, what was it like? The media just really beat you up. You made mistakes. I don’t want to be in that situation. How do I avoid that?'” Brown said in an interview.

Here’s some free advice to all of Brown’s potential clientele: If you want to avoid making those mistakes, don’t make decisions based on the advice of someone who has no frame of reference.

All this aside, Brown’s career move leaves Americans with something to ponder as they split wishbones this holiday season: the idea that Brown’s status as an independent consultant could at some point in the future see him cashing checks from Uncle Sam – and, thus, taxpayers – once more.