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TAKE 5: with football players Andre Hall and Stephen Nicholas

Note: After talking with reporters following Saturday’s win over Cincinnati, running back Andre Hall and linebacker Stephen Nicholas wanted to try reporting themselves.

SN: We’re here with Andre Hall. Uh, Andre Hall, how does it feel to be bowl eligible?

AH: Anything to make Steve happy. Anything that makes Stephen Nicholas happy, I’m all for.

SN: Okay, uh. How does it feel to rush for – how many, two touchdowns?

AH: One touchdown.

SN: One touchdown. How does it feel?

AH: It’s great. I mean, hey. Put that much points on the board, beat Louis – I mean beat Cincinnati. I’m feeling good.


AH: (Grabs recorder.) I’m here with Stephen Nicholas. Stephen Nicholas, how many sacks did you have today?

SN: I didn’t get any.

AH: Are you serious? What was the problem?

SN: There wasn’t a problem. We got good pressure from our line, uh, Tim Jones, uh, uh, Jason Allen. Those guys played hard.

AH: It seems like it was pretty tough for you to remember those guys’ names. I mean, you work with them every day, right?

SN: Most definitely, there are so many guys – I mean, I’m excited about the win.

AH: It puts you bowl eligible now. I mean, what’s next?

SN: Trying to win another game, that’s the objective.

AH: It’s going to be cold in Connecticut. How are you going to mentally prepare yourself for this game?

SN: We definitely got to be ready to play. Got to be ready to play.

AH: You ever played in the cold before?

SN: You know what? I don’t think I’ve played in that, that cold.