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TAKE 5: with men’s basketball player Chris Capko

Oracle: I hear you’re a big South Park fan. Got a favorite episode?

CC: (Laughs.) Probably the Michael Jackson one, where they make fun of Michael Jackson. That was hilarious. Or the one where Cartman is the tooth fairy, and they want to buy the Sega Dreamcast.

O: Do you own all the seasons on DVD?

CC: No, but (guard) Collin (Dennis) does, and I always take them from him.

O: Better college basketball movie: Hoosiers or Blue Chips?

CC: Blue Chips. You’ve got Shaq and Penny (Hardaway) in there. I thought that was a good one.

O: Is Shaq a good actor?

CC: No. Terrible actor. (Laughs.) I never even saw Kazaam, or whatever it was called. He needs to just stick to basketball.

O: If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would it be?

CC: Probably Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and, well, I think Manny Ramirez.

O: Oh, so you like the Man Ram?

CC: I love the Man Ram. You do great all season even after the trade talk. How could you not love him?

O: Are you a big baseball fan?

CC: Yeah, I love the Red Sox.

O: What’s the best stadium you’ve been to?

CC: Fenway. I really would love to see a game at Wrigley Field, though.

O: What do you think of Tropicana Field?

CC: It’s not that bad. I like it because you can move up and sit about anywhere. It doesn’t have the history of Fenway, but Fenway’s a dump. It’s the scenery and the fans, when it’s packed, that makes it great.

O: What did you do when the Red Sox finally won the World Series?

CC: I actually didn’t get so much of the games because I was practicing a lot up at Florida. I go to Tropicana and watch the Sox when I get a chance. I don’t go see the Yankees; I can’t stand them or to see them win.

– Mike Camunas