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Converging fashion

Each generation has seen a multitude of fashion trends come and go. While there are always the fashion radicals who bust the style envelope wide open, some classifications have more staying power. Nearly every genre has the outsiders, the trendsetters, the artsy free thinkers and those who fall victim to the ever-changing trends of the moment.

These days, people who try to think outside the box often end up pinning themselves in another, blending elements of the past with a twist of the current in an attempt to create a new blend.

These fashion hybrids seem to pop up all over, and are indicative of just how rare individuality is.

The Mod Punk

This mix of the geometric patterns and black-and-white tones blends the ’60s with the modern punk-rocker style. The typical Mod Punk will have shaggy, Beatles-inspired bangs with dark, dyed hair and possibly a random blonde highlight or two. Large-gauged ear piercings are a favorite, as are half- to full-sleeve tattoos. They usually wearing a simple fitted black or white T-shirt with equally fitted jeans. Often, the male Mod Punker will resort to buying his denim in the ladies department in order to get the proper slim fit. The outfit is completed with a pair of black Converse shoes or retro slip-ons, such as Vans à la Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). The Mod Punk tends to be easily identifiable and travels with other Mod Punkers. This unoriginal look is easily to put together and varies rarely from day to day.

The Ultra Trendy

Shopping is more than a hobby for the Ultra Trendy. It dictates their personal style. The Ultra Trendy style is basically a super-coordinated outfit purchased just how it was displayed in the store. Vintage-looking shirts and T-shirts with funny sayings dominate the trend. The shirts range from new but worn-in-looking concert T’s, to cartoon characters from the ’80s, to brand-name shirts such as Coca Cola and Ford. The Ultra Trendy has a fierce ability to accessorize, and comes off as too dressed up for nearly every occasion. While the Ultra Trendy tries to be on the cutting edge of fashion, the look is copied slowly as people catch onto trends and purchase that same Rolling Stones shirt from the mall.

The Urban Hippie

The Urban Hippie look is very popular because the bohemian style is dominating clothing stores. Flowing skirts, long, layered necklaces and tops are this season’s must-haves. Influenced by dirty Woodstock-era hippies, the Urban Hippie is much cleaner and more tailored then its former incarnation. Like the ’60s hippies, outdoor sports and nature are still a priority for the Urban Hippie. They are usually identified by Birkenstock footwear and low-maintenance attitudes. The Urban Hippie is another cookie-cutter style that lacks the freshness to think outside the box.

The Prep Hopper

When Kanye West popped the collar on his pink polo, the world of fashion took notice. The Prep Hopper blends hip-hop culture with upper-class style in order to create a look that is equal parts baggy jeans and collared shirts. In the style of rappers West and Common, the Prep Hoppers infuse the traditional street hip-hop wear with a preppy sensibility. They often wear designer sunglasses, polos with sweater vests and clean white sneakers. Hats are a common accessory with the pageboy style, and fedoras are another Prep Hop favorite. The Prep Hopper takes a bit more originality because hip-hop fashion is still evolving and taking form. This look is influenced most directly by the musical artists themselves, and it lacks the originality to keep any Prep Hopper from being put in a category.

When finding your own personal style, let it be a reflection of your inner self. Put aside the need to belong in a box. Create your own look, and try something new. You just may be the very first to create some fashion blend of your own.