Study in serenity

Sometimes the library isn’t always the best place to study. The eerie silence of most floors can make even a monk uncomfortable. Perhaps the sight of endless rows of shelves stacked with old books is discouraging. Whatever the reason, the library is not the only choice on campus that hosts study sessions for students. There are many spots sporatically placed throughout campus that are ideal for hitting the books.

Close to both the Business Administration building and the Communications and Information

Sciences building is a park mildly resembling New York City’s Central Park on a much smaller scale. It is a large area of grass with plenty of shade. Here, students can bring blankets and picnic while they read or jot down notes.

If the heat becomes overbearing, a walk inside the Business Administration building can be refreshing; the first floor has the COBA Cafe. Even though it may have some lunch chatter, it’s still a good spot to study. The long tables are perfect for large study sessions.

The second floor of the building is much more tranquil than the first and has benches perfect for the one-on-one flash-card quizzing that goes on between students. Outside, the Anna D. Valentine Courtyard is delightfully small and peaceful.

Another option is the lounge located on the first floor of the Phyllis P. Marshall Center. This area resembles an airport, with students talking about their day, reading, studying or peacefully napping on the couches. Students can sit back and study as if at home.

The Administration building is another surprisingly great place to study. The building’s courtyard gives off an island-resort vibe, ripe with palm trees and bright flowers. There are tables planted throughout the courtyard as well as on the second floor. The only downside to this place is that the tables lack umbrellas, so on a scorching day, it might get a little too hot. Overall, this spot provides a relaxed atmosphere, due in part by the rhythmic splashing of the fountains.

The Starbucks on the second floor of the Bookstore has several computers available for students to do research or check their e-mail. It can be a bit noisy, but the comfy armchairs make up for it. There are also stools on which students can sit and read while sipping coffee. The soft music in the background adds to the atmosphere.

However, these places can vary in accordance to a student’s personal preference and tolerance of noise. If they aren’t satisfied, students can always retreat back to the Library, which will always be the Mecca of peace.