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The Oracle’s College Football Viewer’s Guide

The Bulls don’t play this weekend.

But don’t fret. This is what every fall season is all about. Football on Saturday is for those who hate the commercialism of the NFL, or at least the sound of John Madden’s voice spouting obvious comments.

Here is my list of games that you should watch over the weekend, or at least read about for those who don’t have ESPN GamePlan, or a television for that matter.

Oh yeah, just between you and me, there might be a few games in there you will not be able to watch.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

Now I know what you’re thinking: Why do I want to watch this game?

Well, it’s a Big East matchup, and the Panthers are USF’s next opponents. Pittsburgh is off to a horrible start under new coach Dave Wannstedt and his mustache, and the Bearcats were picked to finish dead last in the Big East. Well, Cincinnati is 3-2, and the Panthers are 1-4. So while you’re doing the math, I’ll continue to try to find somewhere to see this game because not even coach Jim Leavitt knows. Cincinnati 24, Pittsburgh 14.

Oklahoma vs. No. 2 Texas

A no-brainer, right? The Longhorns and Vince Young look unstoppable in some games, and the last time Texas pulled one over the Sooners I didn’t have facial hair. This is still the Red River Rivalry, but without Jason White at quarterback and running back Adrian Peterson (392 yards) with less rushing yards than Andre Hall (519 yards), Mac Brown and company will make Oklahoma “Boomer Losers.” Texas 28, Oklahoma 14.

No. 5 Georgia at No. 8 Tennessee

I hate Phil Fulmer. I’ll be ready to take as many e-mails as possible on that one, but I just can’t stand looking at the blob. But since I’m supposed to be unbiased, I’ll have to pick Tennessee, because its schedule has been tougher than Georgia’s this year. Florida and LSU back-to-back and its come-from-behind, nail-biting win over the Tigers doesn’t compare to the Bulldogs and how untested D.J. Shockley and company have been – especially since they only beat USC and Steve Spurrier by two measly points. Tennessee 30, Georgia 24.

Minnesota at No. 21 Michigan

Here we go: the Big Ten, which has been a big wack job so far this season. Every team is all over the place, including the Wolverines, who can’t figure out if they are a contender or a pretender. Just ask Michael Hart. Actually, he’ll be asking Laurence Maroney (746 rushing yards, six touchdowns) how to get things done. But I’ll admit, once Chad Henne learns how to throw, he’ll be unstoppable. But until then Minnesota will go back into the Top 25 with a win. Minnesota 24, Michigan 21.

No. 6 Ohio State at No.16 Penn State

Who wanted Joe Paterno to retire? Who doubted Michael Robinson’s talent? Who thought Derrick Williams was too young? Everyone except for those who don’t hail from Scranton, Pa. The Lions are undefeated, but so are the Buckeyes (that is, in conference games). Here’s a game that can ultimately decide the fate of the Big Ten. However, with what I saw at Beaver Stadium on Sept. 3, it’s my upset special of the weekend. Penn State 17, Ohio State 14.

West Virginia at Rutgers

Last but not least, two more teams the Bulls will be keeping an eye on. The Mountaineers were supposed to be No. 23 Louisville’s only challenge. Well, the Bulls took care of that, and besides USF, the Scarlet Knights appear to be another diamond-in-the-rough team in the Big East. With quarterback Adam Bednarik leading the offense, it will be too much for Rutgers to handle, which could spell disaster for USF’s homecoming on Oct. 22. West Virginia 35, Rutgers 7.