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Ferdinand is So Much Better

The boys responsible for making rock music fun again are back with their sophomore record, which is filled with the same exuberant energy as the first. Franz Ferdinand took the music industry by storm with a self-titled record that sounded completely different from anything else on contemporary rock radio. Instead of delivering the same crunchy guitar riffs, the group infused rock sensibilities with dance floor grooves, creating a sound that is almost impossible to resist.

You Could Have It So Much Better takes the music a step further, building on the sound that made them an international music sensation. The record is filled with inescapable songs such as “What You Meant” and “Fallen.” The first single, “Do You Want To,” has already impacted radio waves by standing out from the horde of formulaic singles out there. The song is fun and carefree with repetitive lyrics: “When I woke up tonight / I said I’m gonna make somebody love me / I’m gonna make somebody love me / And now I know, now I know, now I know / I know that it’s you / You’re lucky, lucky, you’re so lucky.”

Franz Ferdinand broke into the music scene with last year’s “Take Me Out,” which garnered critical and popular acclaim, propelling sales of their debut. The album, which sold over a million copies, also spawned the hit singles “This Fire” and “Matinee.”

The Scottish quartet shows no signs of slowing down as the new album firmly cements the band as rock’s fun boys delivering catchy plays on words and undeniable hooks guaranteed to haunt your mind for weeks. You Could Have It So Much Better is refreshing because it doesn’t feel forced. The boys don’t seem worried about the pressure of following up the tremendous success of Franz Ferdinand. While the record is certainly lacking the same overall feel of its predecessor, You Could Have It So Much Better still packs more bite than the usual Trapt or My Chemical Romance backwash.

The band’s growth is apparent on tracks such as “Evil and a Heathen” and “You’re the Reason I’m Leaving.” Lyrically, the band still skims the surface, but the intricate production and unique vocal arrangements more than make up for the shallow songs.

Franz Ferdinand may never leave the same mark as The Beatles or other great groups before them, but the band sure knows how to put together a record to get people moving. At its best, You Could Have It So Much Better is a record that will have listeners moving to the beat years after its release.