Highlights, lowlights of primetime TV


One show is all it takes to get hooked into the superficial world of two hotshot plastic surgeons with Miami Beach as their playground. Nip/Tuck is a soap opera for a new generation of TV viewers, complete with implausible storylines, mutilation and self-indulgence. The show dares to show a narcissistic side of society determined to be beautiful and flawless no matter what the cost. But Nip/Tuck’s real drama happens outside the surgery suite as the lives and tribulations of doctors Christian Troy and Sean McNamara keep audiences enthralled. Nip/Tuck offers well-written drama, endless eye candy and an addictive sense of style that will keep viewers watching and craving more. Nip/Tuck shows Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

-Pablo Saldana

Desperate Housewives

The ladies of Wisteria Lane return with all the secrets and drama that can be packed into one weekly episode. The dark comedy of the show remains perfectly intact, making it just as irresistible to watch. The story picks up basically where last season left off with the exception of some intentional plot holes and new characters. Bree’s husband’s death was without warning and left unexplained. New neighbors Betty and son Matthew definitely have some skeletons in their basement, and add that to the underlying chaos of the seemingly normal street. With such strong ratings and provocative story lines, season two of Desperate Housewives is sure to be a huge success. Desperate Housewives shows Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

-Lori Bartlett

My Name is Earl

“Do good things and good things will happen to ya’, do bad things and it’ll come back to haunt ya.'” This is the premise of the new comedy My Name is Earl on NBC. Earl, played by Jason Lee (who is also producing the show), is a blue-collar guy who isn’t proud of what he’s done in his life. He wins a $100,000 lottery ticket and then immediately gets hit by a car. While in the hospital, he learns about karma while watching Late Night with Carson Daly. From then on, he and his brother Randy (played by Ethan Suplee) are on a quest to undo every one of Earl’s wrongdoings. Jaime Pressly plays Earl’s cheating ex-wife, Joy; Eddie Steeples plays Darnell, the guy she’s cheating with, and Nadine Velazquez plays Catalina, the maid who’s along for the ride. The show’s premise is intriguing, but writers may have a hard time keeping viewers tuned in. My Name is Earl runs on Tuesday nights at 9.

-Jessica Hartman

The Apprentice

Who would have thought you’d see two snobby, well-known business icons share one premise? Both Donald Trump and Martha Stewart are looking for a new apprentice this fall, but in very different ways. Armed with his faithful lieutenants, Trump is weeding through the latest batch of hopefuls who are looking for a piece of the American dream. Much like the previous three seasons, a group of contestants are dealt varying challenges they must handle, such as marketing a new hamburgers or selling lemonade, in hopes of winning a position as one of Trump’s executives. The one deterrent is that, like the previous seasons, The Apprentice continues to become less interesting and more of the predictable “reality” garbage viewers have seen for years.

The Apprentice has also undergone a more homely makeover with Martha Stewart putting her own spin on the series. Nearly identical in every way, with the exception of the scenery and the theme of contestants’ missions, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart’s winner will be given a job with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia commanding a pleasant six-figure salary. Gone is the beautiful penthouse from Trump’s version, which is replaced with a lush loft done up like only Stewart can do. While The Apprentice at least had a strong first season, Stewart’s take is mediocre television, at best. The Apprentice: Martha Stewart shows Wednesdays at 9p.m. and The Apprentice shows Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

– P.S.

Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt sees dead people. Newlywed Melinda (Hewitt) found as a child she had a special ability that allows her to communicate with lost souls who are unable to communicate with loved ones. Her new life starts with an eerie twist as the spirit of a lost solider visits her house. Hewitt looks flawless as she aids the ghosts in finding eternal peace. The show will have a tough time finding success in its Friday night timeslot, but it looks solid for those who love the mysterious paranormal genre. Ghost Whisperer shows Fridays at 8p.m. on CBS.