Prep for the pit

Attending a concert requires more than a love of music; forethought regarding provisions is necessary for an enjoyable concert. At a live performance, the artist’s intention transpired through lyrics can inspire fanaticism; however, there are caveats crucial for the fullest enjoyment: proper preparation, essential items and others, and sensible attire.

Preparation before a show requires a checklist before leaving the house and a second before leaving the car.

Be sure to have the tickets; u-turns caused by forgetfulness are irritatingly unnecessary. Pre-gaming supplies should be packed; blankets and camping chairs are perfect for outdoor tailgates in complement to a trusty cooler.

Funds and ID for purchasing memorabilia and designated drinks are optional yet highly recommended.

When leaving the car, confirm possession of the following: tickets, money, ID, lighter, hair tie and any other miscellaneous items that could be needed, such as a pen for getting phone numbers and a camera to capture the moments.

For those who flaunt long hair, a necessary item is a hair tie. Concerts are generally hot and humid, whether inside or out. Be respectful and kempt; put long hair up so that everyone can enjoy their own personal dry sphere.

For smokers and nonsmokers alike, a lighter is indispensable at a concert. In the chance that a ballad be moving, it is crucial to partake in lighting the venue with one’s small flame combined with another’s.

When attending a concert, proper shoes are essential. Weaseling through the crowd, searching for a place to relieve oneself or struggling to the beverage line, people cavalierly step on toes and belligerently spill drinks. These hazards should be considered when addressing outfit accents. It is best to wear closed-toes shoes to shield from spilt beverages as well as protect feet from the nauseating floor of portable toilets. On the walk out of the venue, after concert goers have gotten trashed and trashed the scene, a protective barrier from litter and unidentifiable liquid scattered on the ground becomes valued.

Live performances can be life-changing experiences. But a lack of planning, an encounter with a stumbling drunk or a lashing from an oblivious hair flip can taint an entire event. Use common sense concerning crowded venues. Remember essential items. Never forget the main prerogative – have fun and enjoy the music.