To the best of their knowledge: Do USF students pass the test?

Sitting in the office all day got me thinking: What do USF students really know about USF sports? I compiled a list of general-knowledge questions and parked in front of the Library. My hunch was that these questions would be way too easy; I mean, everyone loves the Bulls, right?(Note: correct answer is bold)

TM: What is the name of the USF football coach?Ronald, sophomore: I have no idea.Whitney, freshman: I do not know. I have no idea.Kevin, senior: I think Lederer or something?Dmitri, freshman: I do, but I forgot. I forgot his name. I’m thinking Plunkett.Jimmy, senior: Uh, Jim Leavitt. Is that right?

TM: Who was the football coach before Leavitt?Erica, freshman: I have no clue.Ian, senior: I can’t remember.Tiffany, junior: I don’t follow football at all.Charles, junior: Lee Roy Selmon.Daniel, grad student: I’m totally new here and I don’t know that kind of stuff.Justin, senior: There wasn’t one, was there?

TM: Name one Bulls basketball player -Justin, senior: Not a clue.Jimmy, senior: Terrance Leather.USF cheerleader: Something Mobley, I only know last names.Bistra, freshman: I just met one last night, I don’t know. I know he’s 6’6”.Justin, freshman: Smith? I don’t know, there’s a lot of Smiths.Justin, senior: Can it be past or present?TM: Sure.J: Actually, past I’m blank. Doesn’t he play for the Lakers now?(Editor’s note: no one gave a correct response)

TM: What is “The Corral”?Ian, senior: Sounds familiar. I want to say the locker room?Bill, senior: Corral, that’s in the student union building.Erica, freshman: I’m guessing it’s like a snack stand or something.Kevin, senior: Is that the Rec Center, or where the basketball team plays?Charles, junior: Yeah I know what it is. It’s the basketball side courts.Justin, freshman: It’s where one of the teams play.USF cheerleader: It’s the thing that the volleyball people play on.

TM: Who is the USF football team playing this week?R., senior: I know they played FAU last weekend.Sean, grad student: It’s not Miami is it? The Citadel?Jennifer, graduate student: West Virginia, I don’t know.Thelma, senior: I know that they are in the Big East. Is it Tallahassee?Kelly, junior: I have no idea. I know they are Big East; that’s it.Bernadette, junior: FAMU?Melissa, junior: LSU?Jennifer, senior: Uh. University of Florida.Charles, junior: I guess it would be one of the Big East teams.Chrissy, junior: I know who they played last weekend. I don’t even know who USF plays. I don’t even know what division they are in.Kareem, freshman: It’s a Florida school, I know that – uh – UCF?

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

Of the 40 people I interviewed, I was amazed at the majority of incorrect answers. Besides the trick question of who was before Leavitt, I thought my questions were pretty straightforward.

I’ve been wrong before.