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Something for all at Rec Center

The USF Campus Recreation Center provides not only health and fitness benefits but also social interaction for USF students.

“That’s what we are here for, to provide the opportunity for students to participate in either structured activities or to contribute to the overall wellness and social interaction of students,” said Eric Hunter, associate director of the Campus Recreation Center.

This year the Campus Recreation Center has added new programs, appealing to a variety of students. According to Hunter, a ropes course, completed in January 2005, has become one of the more popular activities. The course, located at Riverfront Park on Fletcher Avenue, is designed to be a group activity and helps promote team building among groups, he said.

Spin class, a new non-credit activity, is offered at different times throughout the week and is a limited-access course since only 20 bicycles are available. The spin class is among 53 other classes offered as group sessions in the fitness center.

“The group fitness classes that are provided are very accessible. With active participation a student can get motivated and make friendships that help commit to a healthy lifestyle,” said senior Davina Devries, who works at the center.

The Rec center will host 30 intramural activities throughout the school year. Wheelchair basketball and dodgeball have been added to the list.

Students interested in participating can sign up in groups or individually: a team locator can place an individual in a group based on skill level. These events provide students the ability to compete in a refereed game.

All registered students can use the Campus Recreation Center. There is a fee included in tuition that covers many activities across campus, and most of the services provided at the center are already included in the fee. The fee also allows admittance to outdoor facilities such as Riverfront Park.

“The hours, location and availability of (workout) machines, given the size of the school, are an excellent benefit. It is a great place to work out and meet people,” said Anthony Ifasi, a senior majoring in marketing.

The campus recreation center provides three different programs to students. The Fitness Center offers cardiovascular machines, free weights, pool and courts. The fitness center also handles all the group classes available throughout the day. Students, through the fitness center, can even hire a personal trainer.

The Outdoor Recreation Center assists students with any information and rental equipment needed for outdoor trips. The recreation center is also in charge of scheduling outdoor trips. The trips can vary from going to the Riverfront Park, which belongs to the recreation center, or to a state park.

The Rec Center is among many projects in need of upgrades at USF. According to Hunter, the center, which was last expanded in 1995, is scheduled for expansion again in 2008.