An ode to college football

With the first week in books,

It’s time to look, upon the greatness that is college football.

So no prose this time,

I’ll just use some rhyme, but the order might be slightly tall.

You may say I’m insane man,

Because I have the Gameplan, so I can watch every game,


UAB-Tennessee, to me they are one and the same.

Late Friday, I stayed up,

And ’cause of beer in my cup, post-College Gameday I slipped into coma,

But I awoke suddenly,

What shock did I see? TCU had upset Oklahoma.

3:45 came around,

And Denson’s ball on the ground, Penn State’s defense was more than wreckin’,

And it looked pretty bad,

And many were sad, when USF called a run with 22 seconds.

But the Bulls still played well,

And you’ll be able to tell, they still have 10 games left.

And all is not lost,

FAMU they do host, and thank god they still play UCF.

Iowa cruised,

Meyer’s debut was big news, and the Buckeyes buried Miami (Ohio),

With buffalo wings on the way,

I watched Boise State-UGA, where the ‘Dawgs intercepted Zabransky.

Clemson edged A&M,

It came down to the end, like a movie by Roger Corman.

Georgia Tech never quit,

Notre Dame clobbered Pitt., and BC rocked the Mormons.

But football wasn’t done,

It made Monday more fun, and I was quite happy with more,

The Canes’ kicker needed a tee,

And on first and goal at the three, how on earth could Miami not score?

Now no football is being played,

And no spreads are being laid, and I’m not sure how to spend all my free time,

It’s not on TV,

And as you can see, poems are born of an extremely idle mind.

All over is week one,

And I hate that it’s done, ’cause when it’s over I get sort of frantic.

But tonight it’s all through,

‘Cause on ESPN2, Oklahoma State plays Florida Atlantic.