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SG begins fall with full load

The Student Government Senate officially started its fall session Tuesday night. Though not a lot was done, the Senate has been busy for the entire summer.

The Senate passed Senate Bill 07 over the summer, which requires all senators to attend one meeting of at least two student organizations on campus.

“We did this to try to become better liaisons to the students,” said Senate President Frank Harrison, the bill’s sponsor.

Senators will be encouraged not to overlap in their visits. Organizations do not have to be visited if they do not want to be.

The Senate allocated a large portion of the 2005-2006 Interim Funds over the summer. The interim funds money is SG’s reserve for whatever comes up throughout the year, be it new clubs or new SG initiatives. SG started the summer with $265,000 and currently has $99,947. The largest allocation made was $102,569 for the executive branch’s budget. The executive branch traditionally draws its budget from the interim funds, since it is not in office at the time the budget is usually finalized.

The Senate also allocated $39,750 to the Campus Activities Board, which is in addition to the $417,799 it was allocated last spring. CAB received the money over the summer and was designated for use in the preparation for Midnight Mania and the Holly Block Party this year. Traditionally SG has hosted those events but has decided to pass that on to CAB. The other $22,734 allocated went to a wide variety of student organizations.

The Senate confirmed four new justices to the SG Supreme Court: Amber LaFountain, Ernest Joe, Misbah Sayad and Elliot Charles. That leaves the court with seven justices, though it is still not full; traditionally nine justices comprise a full court.