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Men’s soccer splits weekend

The USF men’s soccer team controlled the tempo of the game against Jacksonville University the entire night, jumping out to a 4-0 lead by halftime and keeping the pressure on the Dolphins throughout the night en route to a 6-3 win. Scoring three goals and two assists, freshman forward Jordan Seabrook was the fuel behind the Bulls’ quick jump-start on the Dolphins.

“I just wanted to do whatever I could to help the team,” Seabrook said. “The team is starting to know each other better because of all the time we’ve been practicing together for the past few weeks. JU’s defense wasn’t very fast and we took advantage of that. I think the team has so many great leaders that anyone can step up at anytime. Last night it was me, but everyone on this team is capable of doing that.”

Seabrook scored a goal in the 13th and 17th minute of the game to put USF up 2-0. Seabrook’s next goal came in the 55th minute, putting USF on top of JU 5-2.

Junior goalkeeper Dane Brenner redeemed himself for the goal scored on him by midfielder Bruno Barbosa in the FIU game with six saves versus the Dolphins, including one on a penalty kick attempt by JU’s Tommy Krizanovic in the 62nd minute. If Krizanovic had scored, USF’s lead would have been cut to only one goal, but Brenner was able to send the shot out away from the net.

“It killed me to lose against a team like FIU. We should have beaten them,” Brenner said. “Barbosa is a good player, and he saw an opening and took advantage, making a good shot. I made some good plays in the JU game and that’s what I try and do every game.”

USF’s 16 fouls against FIU were a major factor in their 1-0 loss. Luckily, the Bulls’ 21 fouls against the Dolphins were not an issue.

“Seeing as we were up 4-0 at halftime, JU had to come out and do something different,” USF coach Ryan Anatol said. “That’s partially where all those penalties came from; they were just trying any way they could to throw us off our game. With all the young players on the team, sometimes you just have to sit back and see what happens.”