Station gives students the mic

Does your favorite music never get played on the radio? Have you ever wished you could contribute to the airwaves yourself? Thanks to WBUL1620 AM: The Underground, students can host their own shows and contribute to the station in a variety of ways.

“We have different genres of commercial-free music, including some unrepresented genres,” said Stephanie Bromfield, assistant station manager for WBUL. These include gothic/metal music, Christian rock and reggae, as well as the more popular urban hip-hop and rap, R&B, alternative rock and pop music, she added. The station is also open to international genres.

“We had an exchange student from China last year who had her own show,” said Bromfield. “She played Chinese electronica and contemporary music.”

Music, although WBUL’s specialty, is not its only service.

“We had a show during the Student Government elections to provide an outlet for the candidates to talk, and the students could call in and ask questions,” said Bromfield. She added that other political shows are aired on the station for students to voice their thoughts and opinions on a number of topics.

For those interested in other aspects of radio production, WBUL offers a number of job and volunteer opportunities.

“If you are interested in production, we have our own production studio where you can create stuff with electronic equipment or put together a public service announcement with music, said Bromfield. “If you’re interested in business you can work in the business department and do things like promoting.” Students can also work in reporting, research, web design, music coordination, marketing and equipment repair for WBUL, according to its Web site.

WBUL also offers inexpensive DJ services and can provide turntables, microphones, CD players and even MP3 players for any event, on campus or off. “You can’t find a DJ cheaper than ours,” said Bromfield. Services are discounted for student organizations.

WBUL also sponsors concerts on campus and festivities for several USF sporting events. “Tailgating parties are a huge thing we have at Raymond James stadium for homecoming games,” said Bromfield. “In the student parking lot we have a tent, live music, activities and lots of giveaways.”

Since funding for WBUL is limited, students can only tune in while on campus. They’re on channel 6 in the dorms and 1620 AM on radio. Students can also visit the cozy Marshall Center basement and relax on the couches or study at the tables while listening to a live show. Students off-campus can stream live shows online at

The Fall 2005 shows air on Sept. 19th.

WBUL was created in 1988 and is one of only five completely student-run stations in Florida.”If you are interested in music, this is a place where you can have your own show and play music,” Bromfield said. “We want to be the people who provide entertainment, education, enlightenment.”