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Big East

As the Bulls pummel their way into the Big East this fall, students have the opportunity to travel to away games and support their team. Traveling to support the Bulls is a great idea, but a bit of planning is required before you pile into the vehicle. Here is a list of necessities and often forgotten items for your team-supporting travels.

Team Spirit

Show some school spirit by wearing your USF T-shirt, sweatshirt or other apparel. Deck your car out with USF car magnets, stickers and flags. Grab some green and gold pom-poms while sporting USF flip-flops to show some extra pride. Get cozy for the cool fall night games with a Bulls pillow and blanket. Go fanatical and body paint yourself. Most importantly, bring your Bulls cheers and chants to amp up the game.

Tailgate Tools

The ultimate tailgate party requires proper planning. Obviously, a cooler stocked with refreshments is a priority. Throw in some Gatorade and water to replenish lost fluids and prevent exhaustion during the long day. A bottle opener is a requisite. For the full experience, bring a small grill and plenty of hotdogs and hamburgers. With the grill, make sure to pack charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, cooking utensils, bread, condiments and aluminum foil. To entertain, bring some upbeat tunes, a football or Frisbee to toss around and playing cards. A blanket and folding chairs are often a good idea to provide maximum pre-game relaxation.

Important Extras

Bring a camera to capture all the good times. Binoculars provide a better view of those intense game moments. The outdoor elements of games can be unpredictable. Come prepared with sunscreen, a poncho or umbrella and proper outerwear.

Although slightly time consuming, a thorough packing job will make the most of your game experience. Not having to worry about opening bottles, or lighting the grill will allow time to kick back with friends and prepare to show your pride.