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A unique Gizmondo

Gizmondo is almost here and has set its eyes on the prize to be the most powerful handheld multi-entertainment system available on the market. Tiger Telematics Inc., the creator of the Gizmondo, has developed what seems to be the most unique handheld, set to launch August 11.

You may be asking yourself, “I thought the PSP was unmatched, how can it possibly compare?” Gizmondo’s specifications boast a 400Mhz processor made by Samsung. It blows away the PSP’s processor, which has a 333Mhz capability that only runs at 222Mhz at the moment, until Sony develops a battery that can power the PSP at 333Mhz for more than 2 hours. Nvidia, another familiar name in quality, makes Gizmondo’s 128-bit 3D graphics accelerator.

What makes Gizmondo unique from other handhelds is not the built-in digital camera, Bluetooth and multiplayer capabilities, MP3 player, MPEG 4 video playback function or its sleek ergonomic design, but its integrated Global Positioning System (GPS). The key word here is integrated. Gizmondo will offer a service to its owner called “Smart Ads.” An example of one can be found at Gizmondo’s Web site, Imagine yourself walking around town on a hot summer day. You look down at your Gizmondo and an ad pops up for Sprite, along with a coupon with a bar code on the screen. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the GPS kicks in and it shows you your location in town along with the location of the nearest store where you can use your coupon. Consumers may view this as either handy or scary.

Release: Aug. 11
Gizmondo games:
EA Sports: FIFA Soccer 2005
Sticky Balls
Trail Blazer
Pocket Ping Pong 2005