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Letters to the Editor

Lack of funding for necessities ridiculous

Okay, let me get this straight. Our governor line-item vetoed two projects totaling less than $3 million. Both would have supported specific demonstrable needs. But he did not veto $7 million for USF to purchase new land to be used for a purpose that has not been determined.

According to a June 2 Oracle article, “USF is still deciding what to do with the land. One proposal suggests the area will be used for medical or biotechnological research. ‘It’s kind of an extension of what we are already doing in the research park,’ said (Carl) Carlucci.”

“Kind of an extension?” “What we are already doing?” Medicine and biotechnological research are important. Everyone wants to live a longer and healthier life. But is it necessary that they inevitably trump — even when their needs are vaguely defined — the visual and performing arts, architecture and design and the humanities — those very things that help make us want to hang around this planet a little while longer?

Silvio Gaggi is a Professor and Chair at the Department of Humanities & American Studies at USF.