Every body can soak up the sun

It’s finally that time of year. Summer is quickly approaching, and students from around the nation are coming to sunny Florida for the beaches and warm weather. However, one important necessity for going to the beach may have some girls dreading this time of freedom altogether — the swimsuit. Unless you’re Jessica Simpson, there is probably a part of your body that you’re hesitant to show off. Have no fear: There is a swimsuit for every body type. If you know what you’re looking for when you go swimsuit shopping, it will make life much easier and the end result will be much more flattering.

Probably the most common gripe among women is their midsection. Didn’t do as many crunches as you wanted to in time? Don’t worry. Both InStyle and Cosmopolitan Magazine suggest distracting tactics that draw the eye to another part of the body and help disguise any leftover love handles.

“To downplay your waist and slim your body, choose a suit with shirring or gathers at one side, draping that falls across the belly and hides any bulges or side insets of a fabric like mesh, which work as visual cues that draw the eye to the center of your body and away from its outer edges,” said Cosmo.

The next problem area for girls is their bust. Women with a small bust want it bigger and those with a big bust want it smaller. Again, Cosmo and InStyle agree that for disguising a big bustline, plain colors and extra coverage are the best bets, while extra padding and pretty patterns help a small bust come out of its shell. The way the swimsuit is cut also adds or detracts from cleavage significantly. A halter top can maximize the bustline, while square-cut tops covers up much more. InStyle also suggests, “A keyhole top is a good way to make the most of minimal cleavage.”

Finally, many bootylicious women struggle with a large waist and rear. InStyle suggests trying a dark pair of shorts for bottoms or an empire-waisted one piece. Cosmo suggests, “A lighter-top, darker-bottom combination will bring the eye to the top of your body while giving the illusion of a slimmer waist.” The last thing you need is a skimpy bottom. The more coverage you have, the more support you will get.

The bottom line is that if you have more than desired in a certain area, dark colors and more coverage is key, while if there is less than desired in another area, brighter colors and patterns with less coverage will give the illusion of more. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to looking like a celebrity in your swimsuit in no time.