More flicks with critters

Monsters, Inc.

The brilliant minds at Pixar studios created a world where a monster’s nine-to-five job is to scare children. Big, blue, fuzzy James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, voiced by John Goodman, is the lovable monster who accidentally lets a human girl enter into the monsters’ world. With monsters believing humans are toxic, Sulley puts himself at risk to return the girl to her rightful home. His green one-eyed friend Mike, voiced by Billy Crystal, aids in the girl’s return. Keeping the Pixar spirit of mixing adorable creatures with humor that appeals to kids and adults alike, Monsters, Inc. is a family friendly good time. — Lori Bartlett

A Bug’s Life

Pixar’s second animated feature film, A Bug’s Life, is the story of an independent-thinker ant named Flik. Viewers follow Flik’s journey to save his village from threatening grasshoppers. According to, A Bug’s Life broke all Thanksgiving weekend records and became the highest-grossing animated release of 1998, making over $163 million worldwide. It received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original musical or comedy score the Grammy award for best instrumental composition and four ASIFA Hollywood Annie Awards for outstanding feature, directing, writing and production design. — Jessica Hartman

Ice Age

Directed by Oscar and Academy Award winner Chris Wedge, Ice Age is an all-digital animated feature film from Twentieth Century Fox Animation. Throughout the movie, viewers are taken through the story of one of the strangest herd of animals during the time of the Ice Age: Sid, the annoying sloth left by his herd; Manny, a moody wooly mammoth; Diego, the villain saber-toothed tiger; and Scrat, an obsessive-compulsive saber-toothed squirrel. — J.H.