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A Chaotic plan for attention

Look out; the newest publicity stunt is underway and hoping to suck you in. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s new reality show Chaotic flew onto airways last Tuesday. With the series finale of Newlyweds and the recent announcement of Britney’s pregnancy, this couldn’t have come at a better time for the couple. The appeal of the show is that most of it is filmed by the pop princess herself, with the use of her own home camera, and promises to reveal the “real truth” of her life.

The first show opened with Britney playing with her face in the camera. Other memorable moments included a close up of her knees as a giggly Britney says, “They look like boobs, but they’re not, they’re my knees!” Wow.

Sex is undoubtedly the favorite topic of the show, with Britney asking everyone around her what their favorite position is, exclaiming how good her husband-to-be is in bed and how many times a day they “do it.” Viewers also see Britney smoking, cursing, drinking and even making fun of Eminem.

In the anticlimactic first episode we see the first meetings of the to-be newlyweds Britney and Kevin when she flies him out to London to be on tour with her. The rest of the show is spent with Britney chasing him around their hotel room; she even barges in on him when he’s in the shower. Now, this is supposed to be reality TV, right? This is supposed to be Britney’s truth, correct? So in the flirty, giggly encounters of the couple, where was the mention of Kevin’s then-pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson or his kids? Nowhere. Hmm … you said you were trying to be real, Brit.

There are many turnoffs to viewers. Possibly the most obvious is the stupidity and lack of direction of the show. This couple makes Nick and Jessica seem like geniuses. Also, the fact that Britney and friends film the show could very well backfire, with viewers getting motion sickness as the camera is unsteadily wobbled in different directions. Next is the length of the show. A full hour of this once chart-topper is a bit much. The tireless topic of sex and silly antics get boring after the first 15 minutes.

However, the show is somehow intriguing. Fans of Britney will be regular watchers, as they get a backstage pass to their idol’s life, seeing her without make-up and warming up before shows. Gossip-cravers will also tune in for good water cooler topics to discuss the next day.

With the long break and lack of appeal in Britney’s career, this “reality” show is sure to push her back in the limelight along with unknown husband Kevin Federline. Hey, it worked for Nick and Jessica. It goes to show, when all else fails, get a reality series.

Rating: C