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Letters to the Editor

Open letter to Congressman Baxley

Dear Congressman Baxley, I have read with great interest about your attempt to share your burden with the presidents of the State University System. I hope they respond with the appropriate degree of attention that your message warrants. I take heart that someone in a position of authority is willing to be humiliated in the cause of ensuring that students with conservative views are protected in our classrooms. I note that 10 such anonymous complaints are listed on a prominent Web site.

Surely, the actual number must be considerably higher, suppressed only by the threat of retribution, considering the fact that liberals wield such immense power in today’s climate of public opinion. I have struggled in the liberal vineyards for over 25 years and I myself can recall two instances of wide-eyed students bursting into my office, begging me to shut the door behind them, just in time to save them from a salivating liberal professor who was threatening to hurl a thesis at their feet. Their indiscretion (i.e. sin)? Choosing a topic that was critical of a university system that allowed homosexuality and liberal ideas to run rampant.

I, for one, want to thank you for attempting to complete the task that your equally worthy predecessor, Charlie Johns, was forced to abort many years ago. May I humbly suggest that you consider an option that I have exercised after tiring of the abuse heaped upon me by legions of liberal colleagues? I decided to retire.

Jack Sandlern is a retired USFprofessor. He taught psychology.