Killing Time Online

When you feel like killing a little time between projects, here are a few Web sites that are the cure for Internet boredom.

Robot Frank is basically a cardboard box with eyes. On the site you can see Robot Frank’s photo albums, which include an exciting trip to Taco Bell. View his Robot Diary or the characters who are Robot Frank’s buddies.

This site gives you all the crossword action you can handle. Links are featured to major newspapers’ crosswords. It also features Crossword News and reference sites for those who want extra help.

Homestar Runner is an animated site full of frivolous quirky cartoon skits, including Strong Bad E-mails and the Teen Girl Squad. This site offers plenty of laughs with its unique offbeat sense of humor.

Addicting Games offers a complete myriad of online games. Categories include puzzle games, cards, casino games and classic arcade games.

For the truly bored only:

This is a listing of things to do when you are totally and utterly bored. The categories include things to do alone or with a partner. Some ideas, like poking yourself in the eyeballs, are not strongly recommended.