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Summer must-haves for men

Don’t worry, guys. Summer fashion hasn’t left you out this year. Although your summer look has remained uniform throughout the past few years, this year there are a few subtle changes that will have the ladies at your beck and call.

First of all, every man should have three looks ready to go at all times: casual, semi-casual and formal. Designers have added extra textures, tailoring and colors to their summer lines to give guys more fashion freedom.

Every guy should be able to conquer the casual look, no matter how fashion-oblivious he is. All you need is a polo shirt, khaki shorts, brown flip-flops, a belt and a torn hat. Guys can wear any color under the sun. Last year pink was the new color for men’s polos; this year it’s purple. If you’re still a little wary of wearing a color that’s “girly,” everything from yellow to blue is available. Also, forget your solid polos. This year it’s all about patterns. Multicolored stripes, checkers and plaids will make your ordinary polo shirt original. Khaki shorts come in many different styles. Fashion faux pas: jean shorts. Do not wear them!

Flip-flops can be as rugged or classic as your casual look, but brown is usually the color to go with. Brown matches any color polo and goes great with khaki shorts. The belt doesn’t have to match the shoes; instead, try to highlight a color in your shirt. Finally, to complete your casual look, a torn baseball cap is a great way to cover up bed head. Pick your favorite team or find a catch phrase that fits your personality. These can also be a great conversation starter.

“My favorite outfits are the things I sleep in, Kean Etro said in his article “Kean Etro on what’s sexy.” “I wear my shirt to bed and then keep it on the next day. If I have a bad night, which is very rare, I take it off. But I like that sort of homey and warm feel.”

The semi-casual look can be taken in so many different ways. The best by far is the blazer with jeans.

“You’re an adult; you’re a teenager. You’re dressed up; you’re dressed down. You’re runway-ready; you’re ready for a scrimmage,” Simon Dumenco said of the blazer-jean look.

Find an ultra-cool sneaker (not the kind you work out or play basketball in) or boot; even flip-flops can work. Try to stick with black or brown. Then, straight-leg, boot-cut jeans with slight discoloration are the way to go. Be careful not to get a pair with any tears in it. The same rule applies for your belt here: It doesn’t have to match your shoes, but it should match your shirt. You can wear everything from a t-shirt to a button-down shirt under the blazer. This is also a good place to wear a solid polo. If you’re going to wear a button-down shirt, make sure it’s tailored, and wear it untucked.

“The thing about the contemporary untucked-dress-shirt-and-suit look is that the shirt is usually tailored: It’s meant to be worn untucked,” Dumenco said.

Flip the cuffs up over the blazer and unbutton the first two buttons.

Finally, there’s the blazer itself. Black or brown is the norm, but navy blue also works. If you have black shoes, only a black jacket matches. Black and brown do not match, neither do black and navy. You can experiment with different textures like velvet or silk, or stick to the classic suit jacket. Make sure the jacket isn’t too big. Many guys have trouble finding their jacket size. It should fig snugly, with the sleeves reaching slightly past your wrist and the shoulder seam hitting where the shoulder curves into your arm.

Finally we’ve reached the formal look. Since it’s summer, the formal look doesn’t have to be as stingy as other seasons. There aren’t many differences between this style and the blazer look. Replace the jeans with slacks and sneakers with loafers. Only a button-down shirt will work with this look, but you don’t necessarily need a tie. Bright colors are a great way to avoid looking like a waiter.

No girl wants to be with a slob. These three cool looks for summer are sure to turn the ladies’ heads while still being comfortable and showing off a little of your own style. Just be thankful you don’t have to subject yourself to the pain of stilettos or mini skirts.