ASRC submits proposals for A&S fees

The Activity and Services Fee Recommendation Committee proposed to the Student Government senate its 2005-2006 budget for $8,552,000 in Activities and Services monies.

The process of creating the budget starts in December and finishes in April.

The A&S funds cover Student Affairs, SG, Student Organizations, College Councils and Interim Funding. Money is also saved from the A&S monies in the critical reserve fund and the unallocated reserve for whatever may come up in the coming year.

The current proposed budget was on first reading at Tuesday night’s senate meeting and cannot be approved until next week’s meeting where it will be on second reading and, most likely, voted on.

Student Affairs, which encompasses the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, Campus Recreation, Campus Activities Board, University Lecture Series, Veteran’s Services, Homecoming and Student Disability Services would receive more than half of the A&S monies, with $5,228,460, up 18.77 percent from last year.

Most of that chunk — $2.9 million would be allocated to the Marshall Center. Campus Recreation would get the second most out of the Student Affairs money with $1,192,825, a 27.65 percent jump from last year’s $934,456. Student Disabilities Services is slated to go up 88.57 percent, from last year’s $17,500 to $33,000.

Homecoming would receive $350,637 next yea, in the first year Homecoming would be budgeted as part of Student Affairs instead of SG.

SG would receive $1,787,411 which does not include the budget for the executive branch, because they have not gotten a chance to fully form. The SG portion of the A&S monies covers WBUL, the Student Resource Agency (SRA), Computer Services, the Elections Rules Commission (ERC), SAFE Team and special projects, among other things.

SAFE Team, which was a hot topic in the last student body presidential election debates, would be funded next year, unlike some of its detractors had expected. Its budget would go up to $285,670 from last year’s $259,506. SAFE Park on the other hand would not be funded next year.

The SG advertising budget will be removed and replaced by the new SG marketing department’s budget. The new marketing department would get $109,228 next year.

The average amount of money allocated to each student organization would be $2,997 next year.

The unallocated reserve will be down to $783,559 from last year’s $865,363.

Nothing will be official until the senate actually approves the budget at an upcoming meeting.