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Raising funds for Special Olympics

In the name of good charity, USF students played dodge ball and tug-of-war in the Classical Society’s sixth annual Special Olympics fundraiser on Wednesday from 1-5 p.m. on East Cooper Hall lawn.

“We were looking for people to sponsor a cause and Special Olympics couldn’t have been a better one,” said Ava Chitwood, a classics professor and adviser of the club.

The proceeds from selling water, Airheads, Snickers bars and Orbitz candies will go directly to the National Special Olympic Organization.

Serving 1.4 million people, Special Olympics is an international organization that helps individuals with intellectual disabilities become physically fit and productive through athletic training and competition.

“We study ancient Greece, so we feel that we have a special link with the Special Olympics,” Chitwood said.

As a way to catch the attention of students, creatively educate and have fun, the Classics Society also held an ancient Greek game day competition. Games were based on Greek stories and culture. “Tug-of-war” symbolized the battle between Sparta and Athens, “blinded Cyclops” was based on The Odyssey and “temple building” was a game in which students constructed their own temples out of cardboard boxes.

By 3:30., 75 to 100 students had donated or participated in the fundraiser.

“The students who have been walking by have been very generous,” said Sarah Hull, 20, a classics and environmental policy major. Hull, who spent most of the day working at the donation table, explained that students were donating money instead of buying candy or water. “The students out here are extremely impressive.

“When they hear it’s about Special Olympics they donate even more,” said Hull.

“I think this is an event that brings out the best in USF students. Whether they participate in the games or don’t, they are generous with their time or money,” Chitwood said.