Letters to the Editor

Not all preachers on campus lack respect
Re: “Preachers show lack of respect for students,” March 23

Lindsay Meholick wrote a thoughtful letter to the editor concerning the “preacher” who is often outside of Cooper Hall. I am associated with one of the campus ministries on campus and have often talked to students about these men and their dynamics. I am sorry that Lindsay (and other students) feel disrespected by some proponents of Christianity.

I appreciated what Lindsay had to say. But I thought that in light of the upcoming Christian holiday (Easter) and her letter, I wanted to interact a little more. I have attached a short response.

I have appreciated the even-handed and fair coverage that The Oracle has given to many different issues on campus. I hope this can be included in your coverage and interaction with this very important Christian holiday.

Rev. Paul Joiner is a campus minister with the Reformed University Fellowship.