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The ‘scene’ Karaoke Selector

“Kiss Me Deadly”
Lita Ford
Belt out some anger and aggression with Lita Ford’s hard rock anthem. A feminist jam demanding “Kiss me once / Kiss me twice / C’mon on pretty baby kiss me deadly.” You could channel Ford’s blatant sexuality, play a little air guitar and rock out to this ’80s classic. Best performed with a beer bottle in hand, a snarl of the lip and an ungodly amount of AquaNet in a display rivaling the metal queen herself. — Lori Bartlett

“Dancing Queen”
To sing “Dancing Queen” at some crowded bar on St. Patrick’s Day is probably the closest most of us will get to being in a Brian De Palma film. The song is dramatic and cinematic, and if you’re brave enough to sing in front of strangers then why not go all out on this one? — Harold Valentine

“Can We Still be Friends?”
Todd Rundgren
Hermit of Mink Hollow
A good break-up song is like a theoretical discussion we’ve all had at one point in our love lives. We like them because they get to say what we couldn’t, like “Don’t waste time feeling hurt / We’ve been through hell together.” Some fans like them not because they understand the sentiment, but because of the feeling behind it. Recapturing that feeling in karaoke is the primary challenge. – H.V.

“I Touch Myself”
The Divinyls
The Divinyls
Another karaoke favorite is a simple song about the joys of pleasuring one’s self. The Divinyls one hit, “I Touch Myself,” has lived on as a novelty classic and is almost untouchable when performed by someone with one too many drinks. The true pleasure of seeing this song performed is how far some will go while singing along. I mean, what else is someone to do but touch his or her naughty region when singing a song called “I Touch Myself?” The song supplies the necessary laughter and embarrassment for the fool drunk enough to select this track. – Pablo Saldana

“I Love Rock ‘n Roll”
Joan Jett
I Love Rock ‘n Roll
Black leather, fists in the air and a sneer more fierce than that of any other woman, Joan Jett turned this single into an instant classic. The best thing about hearing this song performed by a blasted bar-monger is that all the other words are muttered except for the song’s clap-inspiring chorus. “I love rock ‘n roll / So put another dime in the jukebox, baby,” screamed across a bar filled with judging eyes and that one completely hammered guy that chimes in with a few chords. “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” is quite simply essential karaoke. – P.S.

“The Joker”
Steve Miller Band
The Joker
Whether you are a “space cowboy” or a “gangster of love,” one drunken night you have inevitably sung this bar favorite with a group of friends. So go ahead, grab a microphone and call yourself “Maurice.” With its slow rhythm and almost spoken word lyrics, “The Joker” is the perfect song for even the most timid karaoke novice. A true crowd pleaser, you may find yourself out-vocaled by the audience. Especially those “midnight tokers.” – L.B.