Letters to the Editor

First Amendment stops at bathroom door

I have not seen an article concerning the graffiti in the bathroom stalls in Cooper Hall. I attended USF Lakeland last semester so I didn’t read The Oracle. But I would just like to say that those bathrooms are nasty.

I don’t mean that the toilets aren’t flushed, but that there is vulgar writing on the stall walls.

I thought that when I started at USF I wouldn’t have to deal with childish things like smut on the stalls of the bathroom. I don’t buy the whole freedom of speech thing. If the people writing those obscenities on the stalls want to be free to say them, let them stand in the open and yell all their vulgarities out.

We are supposed to be mature adults, but whoever is writing on the stall is acting like a child. And it is disgusting.

Juana E. Soto is a junior majoring in management.