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ACLU is un-American

As I sat idly on my couch, I could not help but think about how great of a country we Americans are afforded. We can choose to wear what we want, eat what we want, drink what we want and ultimately live like we want. Sometimes my days consist of going to class, playing some golf and then relaxing with my girlfriend; others consist of just loafing around the house. Impressively, the only time I get angry is trying to figure out what these leftist ideologues are so barmy about.

As my daydream pulses on, it dawns on me that there are more facets of our country that I don’t comprehend. Yes, I am still clouded by those smoldering indoctrinated twenty-somethings, but there is something on fire just under the surface. It is called the American Civil Liberties Union.

While the ACLU claims to stand for Americans, it is completely undermining what most Americans stand for as well as cleaving apart the great traditions of this country. America’s war on terror, soldiers, freedoms, education, and the safety of all its citizens are the key components that make up the ACLU’s enemy. Look all around you, the evidence is there.

The ACLU has consistently attempted to derail any of America’s governmental and constitutional policies set in place to protect the citizens — and this is just the point.

In terms of our national security, the ACLU has stringently opposed the Patriot Act and the Transportation Security Administration’s “no fly list.” Their stance on the Patriot Act is supported by mere allegations; trust me, if any were true it would be all over CNN. Furthermore, to oppose a “no fly list” is insanity. 9/11 is proof alone that certain people should not be given the privilege to enter America’s airspace. Understandably, certain aspects of any policy need some work; however, to contest it outright is lunacy.

In concordance with our national security lie the men and women who fight day in and day out to protect us. They protect us here at home and all around the world. The ACLU wants the United States to stick to the guidelines of the Geneva Convention, but they have never read it. If they had they would realize that in order to fall within its jurisdiction you have to wear well-identified military clothing from a perspective country. However, they want these insurgents who wear no identification and are trying to kill U.S. soldiers to be treated fairly as credible militia. I say not! The United States has not been given a fair shake in this war on terror; the exemplar- suicide bombings. Nonetheless, I don’t see them coming to the rescue of our men and women.

Along with abandoning our soldiers and the security of our nation they are striving to demolish any freedom that they don’t deem right. They should change their name to SACLU, Some American’s Civil Liberty Union. Because they don’t support any religious activity — or so it seems-they file any and all flagrant lawsuits. Just in 2004 they tried suing a Cincinnati middle school for allowing flyers to be distributed to students from a religious organization. They thought it was a violation of the Constitution’s Establishment Clause. However, what they failed to acknowledge is that the school does not have to endorse something that was produced by an outside party, thus leaving the school unaccountable. See, as long as the school is not endorsing it, anybody can exhibit free speech.

As I said earlier, Americans have it great. However, we have to keep it that way. We have to protect our soldiers, citizens and freedoms from those who are just trying to make a buck. America’s traditions are well founded and they run far deeper than the antagonists of the ACLU. We should do everything possible to keep our country safe and free. If that entails the “no fly list” and the Patriot Act then so be it. I do believe it was John F. Kennedy who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Erik Raymond is a junior majoring in economics and pre-law.