Letters to the Editor

Former SG candidate spoke out of line
Re: “Halting Elections,” March 4

“I think that would be a sad day for our student body as a whole. I don’t think either of those tickets are good representatives of the students,” former Student Government presidential candidate Mike Johnson said in reference to the possibility of a runoff between Andrew Aubery and Brandon Faza for the 2005 SG Presidential Election.

As a student highly involved and educated in the election process, I found such a quote to not only be condescending, but also highly appalling and undeserved. In researching and personally speaking to both candidates, I have discovered that, unlike Johnson who apparently deems himself more worthy of the position, they are both extensively involved with multiple aspects of our SG as well as other organizations on campus. Thus, calling the possibility of either of those candidates becoming the next student body president “a sad day” is immature and utterly ridiculous. Not to mention, it seems that Johnson is expressing his bitterness after the unofficial election results, in which he received over 200 less votes than Aubery or Faza, in an extremely unprofessional and childish manner.

On one hand, Johnson’s words and actions have greatly disappointed not only me, but several other students to whom I have spoken. But more importantly, I realize that people’s true colors show in times of adversity, as can be witnessed of Johnson in light of his statement. He has clearly let his true colors show.

Mary Azer is a senior majoring in biomedical sciences.