Sports Mail: Bonds treated unfairly because of race

Re: “Walk Bonds for good”, Feb. 25

John Calkins hit some key points and had many great quotes, but he missed the most important quote: “Babe Ruth ain’t black” and for that matter, neither is Mark McGwire. Where were all these steroid allegations back when “Big Mac” was chasing the record?

There is no doubt he was chemically assisted. Where was the media then? If Bonds did anything wrong, it was hitting the 73 home runs while being black.

I’m not saying Bonds is right for using steroids, but I’m not saying he was wrong. If people want to bring up banning him from the game or putting an asterisk next to his records, they should bring up the fact that we should put an asterisk next to every record before Jackie Robinson.

Before Jackie came in the league, players such as Saitchel Paige, Josh Gibson and many other great black and latino players were held out of Major League Baseball. Players, the likes of such mentioned, and many more, never got an honest chance to compete at the highest level, and the white players cheated themselves out of honest competition.

The numbers of today are no different than the numbers of the past. If we must accuse Barry of not playing on a level field, then we must accuse half of Cooperstown for the same thing. It hasn’t been a level playing field since the beginning.

Yariel Vignau is a junior majoring in masscommunications.