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Want a quick, fun and easy workout? Try the Fit Deck! In 1991, a group of Yale students developed a push-up game using playing cards. After serving as a Navy Seal and attending Harvard Business School, one of the former Yale students, Phil Black, developed this game based on that push-up game. The 50 cards include lower-body, full-body, middle-body and upper-body exercises. The deck comes with a CD that shows in detail how to perform each of the 50 exercises. It also explains various games and workouts that the cards can be used for at beginner, intermediate, advanced and Olympic levels. For example, at the beginner level, Black suggests drawing one card a day for 50 days. People at the Olympic level can perform a series of 10 two-minute sprints, each followed by drawing five cards. Find out more about the Fit Deck (and how to buy your own) at .