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College football’s best and worst day

Not only is today Groundhog Day, it’s also National Signing Day for universities and their various coaches all around the country. However, that doesn’t mean no one can make comparisons to the Groundhog Day movie, the classic starring Bill Murray, right?

So could USF football coach Jim Leavitt exhibit the role of Phil Connors, the obnoxious, egotistical weatherman, who rants and is played by an actor who made himself famous by making faces in a movie about golf?

Obviously Leavitt doesn’t want to relive today over and over again.

Or maybe he does.

Today has to be one of Leavitt’s favorite days, next to Arbor Day and Flag Day. Though today is not Groundhog Day for him.

National Signing Day is a Christmas two months late and this year he’s getting at least 20 brand-new, freshly wrapped presents to play with over the summer.

Leavitt will be that happy little kid, tearing the wrapping off of players like Carlton Hill, the No. 9-rated recruit at QB who also passed on numerous wooings from the University of Miami.

Another present, probably the largest of what will be left for him under the tree in the Athletic Facility, will be Danny Tolley, the local offensive lineman who passed up Florida to stay near home but was really won over by USF’s OL coach, Greg Frey.

If Leavitt had to relive today, there’s not much going on that would get on his nerves, like waking up to Sonny and Cher every morning, unless he really likes their songs.

If Leavitt was stuck on Feb. 2, he would miss the Big East starting in the fall, where he gets to try out his new toys, including another local talent from the back-to-back Class 4A State Champions Armwood High, RJ Anderson.

Anderson got more press time during his four-year tenure with the Hawks than the Brad and Jen split, though he was unable to bring his running back buddy along, Demetrius McCray, who packed his bags and headed to Indiana.

In the movie though, Phil asks, “It’s still just once a year, right?”

Sorry coach, it is once a year. But the real question is, would Leavitt actually go crazy not being able to move on to next season? He could and if he did, he would do something we’ve never seen him do before.

Possibly scream and throw a tantrum.

Maybe scrunch up his face and pout.

It would be a very unusual sight.

Although, Signing Day would be a great anniversary for Leavitt.

In 2004, Leavitt quickly married a fellow Dixie Hollins player, Andre Hall, and all he did was break USF’s single-season and game-rushing records.

So what will the new class do? Sit around, watching their new coach throw his headphones on the sidelines?

Think again.

If Leavitt gets his wish, and he pretty much did, he’ll have a quarterback that can not only run, but also won’t throw more interceptions than touchdowns.

A quarterback to compliment his star senior running back who dodged the NFL Draft to stay with the Bulls.

Think of the possibilities.

Hill and Hall.

Hall and Hill.

Leavitt won’t even be able to complain about his new quarterback. When the guy committed to USF, he meant it. Miami tried and tried to lure Hill down to Coral Gables, but just couldn’t pull off what Leavitt did or didn’t do. Whatever that may be, he’ll be a force to keep an eye on.

This year’s class is loaded with players looking to make the immediate impact that the football team will desperately need against the likes of the Hurricanes and Louisville.

Leavitt and company should be mighty happy that today will repeat itself, because even though it’s Groundhog Day, Signing Day only comes once a year.