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Letters to the Editor

Greek community portrayed badly
Re: “Greek tragedy,” Jan 26

I am writing this in response to Chris O’Donnell’s evaluation of the “Greek tragedy” published on the front page of Wednesday’s edition of the Oracle. This article was clearly meant to not only diminish the reputation of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, but the Greek community as a whole.

Since fall 2003, 14 Greek organizations residing on campus have been working hard to change many of the stereotypes associated with USF being a “commuter school.” Having Greek houses on campus, like most big-league schools, benefits both USF and our surrounding communities. The publication of this demeaning evaluation coincidently coincides with the Inter Fraternity Council’s Spring Recruitment program, a time when IFC organizations gain new members through open houses and non-alcoholic nightly activities. It is time the university begins to acknowledge the many positive qualities active Greek students bring to our campus, and discontinue publication of negative material with the single purpose of diverting potential new members from Greek organizations. Advertising our beautiful Greek Village in a positive way that welcomes all students is what this university deserves.

Joe Schweitzer is a sophomore majoring in pre-med and the president of Delta Chi at USF.