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On the bench with Terrence Leather

In the midst of his senior season, forward Terrence Leather is putting up typical numbers — 18.5 points and 9.2 rebounds a game — both team highs.

Heading into Saturday’s game at Marquette, Leather has led the Bulls to an 8-5 start and a 1-1 start in Conference USA play. The Bulls won at East Carolina and lost at home to UAB.

Oracle Sports Editor Mike Camunas sat down with the Robinson High graduate to get his take on things.

Oracle: Do you ever see yourself in the NBA?
Terrence Leather: That’s my dream, my childhood dream. Lord knows, though. Sky’s the limit.

O: If you couldn’t play basketball, what else would you do?
TL: I’d probably teach. You know, coaching is teaching. So, probably coaching.

O: What is your least favorite part of practice?
TL: When coach yells (laughs). He yells a lot sometimes.

O: What’s a better basketball movie? Hoosiers or Blue Chips?
TL: Hoosiers.

O: You going to go see Coach Carter?
TL: Oh, we’ll be out of town. Comes out this Friday. But I’m definitely going to go see it.

O: You’re a Samuel L. Jackson fan? You like his movies?
TL: Kind of. It’s a basketball movie I want to see.

O: What’s a better ride: an Escalade or a Hummer?
TL: I’ve never been in either one of those. I don’t really know, but I’m going to go with the Hummer, because it looks rough.

O: Who’s a better rapper: Kanye West or Ludacris?
TL: I don’t like either one of those rappers. I like Jay-Z.

O: If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?
TL: My daughter (Terren), because she acts just like me.

O: What looks better on you: leather pants or leather jacket?
TL: (Laughs) I guess I’d have to go with a leather jacket. But I’d never wear one. It’s just not me. I’m already Leather.

John Calkins contributed to this report.