SG Bill 50 approved, with amendments

Bill 50 was brought before the Student Government senate Tuesday for its third and final reading.

During discussion, Senator Jessica Ousley presented an amendment to the bill to raise the cap from 50 senate seats — the bill’s original recommendation — to 60.

Another amendment to the bill was proposed by Senate President Pro Tempore Hampton Dorhman, who changed the review date of the bill to spring of 2006.

The Senate passed both amendments during the meeting.

In order for the bill to pass, it required a two-thirds vote from the Senate. The bill passed with 46 senators voting yes, four senators voting no and one abstention.

The student body will vote on the bill when it is presented next semester.

Bill 50, if passed by the students, will cap the senate at 60 seats, and the seat limit will be reviewed in the spring of 2006.

Staff Report