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Letters to the Editor

Residence hall rules ridiculous waste of time

Is anyone busy during this and maybe next week? I know I am. I am a full-time student with exams just like everyone else. I also share the many joys that come with a part-time job. I feel that USF’s Resident Services is causing me more stress than I need, all over having my window open.

I understand that the policy is written in the Student Handbook. However, anyone who has been in the Andros-area residence halls can tell you that the air in here is just not right. All of the vents near me are lined with dust and dirt. Their answer is that they switch the filters twice a year, but what about the ducts themselves? Have they ever been thoroughly cleaned?

There I was, lying in bed with a fever. I just wanted some fresh air. Is that a crime? After I recovered from my illness, we had a few days left of summer weather, so I left it open. Considering I live on the third floor, I personally saw no danger in doing so. So my resident director contacted me and I called her back leaving a message. She called me back. I messed up, I will admit; I forgot to call her. I am kind of busy worrying about much more important issues than having my window open.

So today I received a letter stating that due to my absence a decision was made for me. I am to write a “reflection paper,” and I quote, “at least two pages in length citing three reasons why opening windows in the Andros area is an unacceptable practice. You are to research and come up with these reasons on your own. The paper should include an explanation for each reason. In this paper you will also research, cite, summarize and explain one case from another college or university where a resident and/or the building community was negatively affected because a window was left open/unlocked while no one was home.”

If I refuse to write this paper I will be put on academic hold. In my opinion this is extremely juvenile and quite frankly a waste of my time. I have much more important things to do than write a paper about some kid falling out of his residence hall window. I am extremely disappointed that I attend a university so ridiculous in its policies. I guess my friends were right — I should have moved off campus when I had the chance.

William Kuczmera is a junior majoring in mass communications.