Letters to the Editor

Important issues, news ignored by media

The New York Times I feel really ought to consider altering its motto if it cannot succeed in reporting much of what it should be reporting and much of what seems to be happening in this country. The New York Times is supposed to be a leader in objective media; however, it is failing to lead or to make any commitment to the news, and thus failing to commit to giving exposure to the things that really need exposure. I notice how committed it is to raising the issues of election fraud in the Ukraine, yet it completely skirts accusations of election fraud in both Florida and Ohio. It is absolutely absurd.

If it was up to me, my message to the editor of that paper as being a responsible herald of the news would be just the same as my message to the president as being a responsible leader and herald of democracy: “Dude, you’re fired!”

David Jeffrey Vanden is a senior majoring in English.