Letters to the Editor

United States was not founded on Christianity
Re: “Resignation laughable, citizens free to leave,” Nov. 5

I found the writer of this particular letter to be inaccurate in his claim that we are a nation founded on Christian beliefs. He also stated that if we didn’t like this country the way it was meant to be, then we can go to Canada or France.

I guess it’s reasonable to assume that most students do not opt for U.S. History 1 to fulfill the historical perspective requirement set forth by the university.

Maybe this is good time for us all to become more enlightened about our nation’s history. America was not founded on Christian morale. Most of the founding fathers were Deists, not Christians (including the popular George Washington, our first president). Our government was designed to protect the individual. Our country’s basic principles, the original principles, are stated in the Constitution. More specifically, the First Amendment, which gives each and every one of us the freedom to follow whatever spiritual path we choose, express ourselves as individuals, love whomever we wish, speak out against the government and exist in any way in which we please.

There is no footnote that states these rights must lay within the guidelines of any sort of religious doctrine or beliefs. These are the rights given to every American citizen; therefore, America belongs to us all whether we are “left” or “right,” female or male, black or white, gay or straight, Pagan or Christian.

Cyrana Wyker is a sophomore majoring in history.