USF globalization study topic of conference

The phenomenon of globalization has become an avenue for extensive research.

The USF Globalization Research Center commissioned Innovation Insight, Inc. to carry out a study on the effects of globalization on the Tampa Bay area from 1994 to 2004. The findings of this study will be unveiled this morning at the USF Downtown Center in Channelside.

Congressman Jim Davis will speak, followed by a 45-minute open discussion period. The study named Baseline Analysis of Offshoring in the Tampa Bay Region aims to provide a comprehensive baseline of the effects of outsourcing — a topic frequently addressed in this year’s presidential and senatorial elections.

Mark Amen, director of USF GRC, said the study serves as a foundation for further research on various global economic forces that are affecting our region.

“The report will likely reveal significant implications for policymakers, industry leaders, and labor representatives,” Amen said. “In terms of the larger context, it will also tell us how Tampa Bay compares with offshoring trends nationwide.”

The USF GRC has partnered with three other research institutions to become one of the premier resources for thoroughly developed, well-presented information, research, educational resources and training opportunities on globalization.

The center conducts research on the dynamics and effects of globalization, with geographic emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean Region.

Compiled by Gina Araya.