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Scare tactics won’t work

According to Fox News, an ad by liberal group Americans Coming Together includes a “1960s photograph of a firefighter hosing a black man” with reference to Republicans “conspiring to suppress the black vote through intimidation and such tactics as putting ‘phony cops at polling places — but only in African-American neighborhoods.'”

It’s reminiscent of a 1998 ad by the Missouri Democrats that implied voting Republican would lead to the burning of black churches. Also, a 2000 NAACP ad accused then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush of being unconcerned about the lynching of James Byrd, who was black.

This year, a Democratic Party manual was quoted by Fox News as stating, “If no signs of intimidation tactics have emerged yet, launch a ‘pre-emptive’ strike.” The manual calls on members to put stories in the media about concerns that voter intimidation might occur. And I thought they were against pre-emptive attacks.

At a recent church service attended by Sen. John Kerry, the Rev. Al Sharpton was quoted by the Associated Press as saying, “Everything we have fought for, marched for, gone to jail for — some died for — could be reversed if the wrong people are put on the Supreme Court.”

They’re not only scaring minorities, but also the elderly and the young.

As usual, warnings of Social Security cuts are being thrown around. In Ohio, Kerry said Bush has a “surprise” plan in January to privatize the entitlement program. “This might be a good surprise for the wealthy and well-connected, but it’s a disaster for the middle class,” said Kerry. He added that this “is another way of saying to our seniors that the promise of security is going to be broken.”

The truth is, the president supports the idea of allowing some people — such as working college students — to invest part of their taxes into private accounts, while allowing those who wish to stay with the current system to do so. Imagine the horror of giving people control of their own money!

The same attack was launched against Bush in the 2000 campaign. To date, the checks to seniors have continued and will actually increase by 2.7 percent next year, just as they did this year.

Actually, the source Kerry used, according to the Washington Post, was “a secondhand, unattributed account of a private speech.” The Post added, “… it was impossible to determine the veracity of Kerry’s charge.”

Kerry also implied that Bush is apparently personally responsible if seniors die this year from not getting their flu shot.

Bush opponents also continue to hype the possibility of a military draft. Kerry recently told the Des Moines Register there is a “great probability” of a draft reinstitution if the president is reelected. The press continues to echo this charge, even after government officials have repeatedly called it false.

Meanwhile, after all of these baseless charges, there still is something to really be concerned about: terrorism.

Just ask yourself who the terrorists want elected; then vote for the other guy.

World Net Daily reported that according to an aid to Palestinian leader, and terrorist enabler, Yasser Arafat, “The president (Arafat) thinks Kerry will be much better for the Palestinian cause and for the establishment of a Palestinian state.” Cybercast News Service quoted the Palestinian Authority foreign minister calling the possibility of Kerry coming in with his new staff members “a good thing.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last Monday that terrorists would be emboldened by Bush’s defeat. ABC News quoted Putin, not known as a strong Bush ally, as saying, “International terrorism has as its goal to prevent the election of President Bush to a second term.” He concluded that such an achievement would give terrorists “a new impulse and extra power.”

So, given all of this, ask yourself what scenario is more likely: Jim Crow laws returning, Social Security ending and the draft coming back under Bush, or another terrorist attack occurring under Kerry?

When you vote, don’t be fooled by misplaced fears; be mindful of the real ones.

Adam Fowler is a senior majoring in political science. oraclefowler@yahoo.com