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In Short

Planning a comeback

John Travolta has agreed to join Kristie Alley in a new Showtime series. Troubled with recent bombs such as The Punisher, Basic and Domestic Disturbance, Travolta is opting for redemption on the small screen. Alley, who was recently outted from her role as a Pier-1 spokesperson for gaining a few extra pounds, is perfect for the title role on Fat Actress, a tag that has hounded her even as early as her days on the hit series, Cheers. Fat Actress is scheduled to premiere on Showtime in early 2005 and, to add some excitement to the show, it’s unscripted.

Paying up

The FCC has slapped FOX with nearly $1.2 million in fines. The questionable bachelor/bachelorette parties featured on Married by America were deemed inapproriate by the FCC. The commisioners voted to fine 169 Fox stations $7,000 for airing the program, which totals $1.18 million. This is the largest fine since Ms. Jackson revealed one of “the twins” during the Superbowl telecast. That incident cost CBS a hefty $550,000. Lackluster ratings for Married by America caused this six-episode series to bite the dust, but apparently Fox will still be paying for it.